Cigar are:

  • Rami Krayem—vocals, guitar
  • Jon Sortland – drums, vocals
  • Jonathan Hischke—bass guitar (2019–present)

Cigar has a deal with a record label we like at Rock the Joint Magazine, Fat Wreck Chords have a track record of promoting some great acts and we have done features on The Last Gang and The Bombpops, great bands both. “The Visitor” is released for download in the UK on September 9th, and is out for vinyl and CD on the 30th, pre-release orders are possible now.

Cigar were new to this reviewer, but they have been around in one form or another since the group was formed in 1996 and have had one other album in 1999, “Speed is Relative.” It was generally well received and “The Visitor” continues the tradition of fast guitar, blended with harmony. Album opener “These Chances” kicks in as they mean to go on with a drum roll and crisp vocals. The drums are up in the mix and relentlessly push this, and other tracks, forward. There is nothing understated here; it is power drumming with an urgency to be heard.

The next track (YouTube official video below) is the interestingly titled “Legacy of the 7 Plies” which someone in the office here miswrote for me as the “Legacy of the 7 Pies,” and I am pleased to say it has nothing to do with that! It keeps the album moving at a pace. It needs to be played with a group of friends all pogo-ing in the mosh pit! It’s great fun and buzzes along with its own energy.

For this reviewer, a favourite on the album was “Classic You”, as it spits out attitude with this great punk based drum sound. You can tell this band means business. The experience of life on the road and serving their time with live performances shows through, and they are enjoying life here with an album that has taken a long time to arrive.

“Move On” is another statement of intent, and I could see this making it into the live set. It rolls into life and races along in Formula 1 style to its conclusion, a bit like the album as a whole really! They know how to hold a chorus; this number shows that, and they create a sound that makes for some cool summer driving.  

If you like your punk fast and hard, with a touch of melody, and bang on musicianship, then this one’s for you!  

By: Stevie Ritson.

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