The EP is out now on all platforms. We’ve placed a link here.

If you have followed us off-and-on over the last year, you will know that we have done our little bit to help the Iranian protests. We would like to see the end of the despots running a theocratic dictatorship in Iran that has been sending people to death for refusing to comply. Women are being systematically beaten and their families threatened for not wearing a headscarf. Enough is enough. We are not a political magazine, but, “Rock the Joint Magazine supports the right of Iranian women to dress as they please and live the life they please.”

Music sometimes follows protest; it has the ability to raise issues. When we were sent the EP to listen to, I knew we had to review it and also continue to support those out there demanding change and facing a brutal government clampdown. 

Our Instagram Post in October 2022 read: Rock the Joint is a music magazine, we are not political. But we have to reach out and support the women of Iran to be able to live the life they choose, dress how they choose and be whoever they want to be

Ehsan is a London-based music producer and guitarist. He started his music career in Iran and studied at Berklee College of Music and Goldsmiths University of London. He previously released an album, “Rager Blaze,” back in 2014 and is now following it with the powerful “The Flames Within” EP, which is available now. This EP is supporting the Iranian protesters against the Islamic theocracy of Iran, and Imani expects a positive reception from rock and metal fans in both Iran and the rest of the world. He explains further:

“As an Iranian artist who had lived there for more than three decades, I wrote these three songs to express my disagreement with the Islamic regime and to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran. That’s why the audience can experience different emotions while listening to these songs, such as sorrow, anger, and hope. I believe most of the rock and metal listeners around the world can relate to the words and will enjoy this groovy and rebellious music.”

The three-track EP covers government corruption, the lives lost in the Iranian protests, and the energy coursing through the people who were on the front lines. This emotion is paired with groovy guitar riffs, shredding solos, orchestral instrumentation, and soulful vocals.

Ehsan Imani

And now for the review:

Track Listing:​

1. The Flames Within (3:47)

This is a rocker that opens the album. I hadn’t come across Ehsan’s guitar playing before, but he is damn good. He plays fast and hard, with a great sense of melody. He sings about the “force of history” and  gives eighties metal a modern make-over.

2. Once and For All (3:28)

This was my favourite of the three. It was really atmospheric and poignant. “Our wings are getting burned.” Well, it is time to take sides, and we take the side of the people in this. This song has a strong narrative and is slower paced, but the melody is terrific. It has this powerful “one for all” concept that I liked. This track was the content of the sandwich!

3. The Raging Blaze (3:33)

The EP closes on a commercial rocker. Very listenable, and I trust it will get some play on rock radio.

I will again place the link to download the EP here.

Remember, music can make a difference. The Beatles helped bring down the USSR (true, even Gorbachev said so) 

Support the people of Iran!

By Stevie Ritson

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