Ervin Munir delivers a distinctly upbeat song for his new single, which includes a dual male/female vocal between Ervin and Tina Blaber. This is a great number that blends folk with pop. I really enjoyed it, and (as UK readers will understand), this was extremely Radio 2 friendly—the type of song that the late and much missed Terry Wogan would have given a play to. I loved the use of the fiddle, and the song went straight to a second playthrough, always a good sign! I have heard a few tracks by Ervin, and this takes the serious subject of conflict between partners and elevates it to a celebration of music.

Ervin is a respected musician on the UK folk circuit, based in Norfolk. He is a solo acoustic singer/songwriter who writes heartfelt songs about life and social injustice with an eye for the ridiculous and performs these solo and with his band. His influences are Paul Simon, James Taylor, and the Eagles.

In August 2022, he started working with producer Aeron Z. Jones, and they have been creating great songs ever since. In October 2022, he held a sold-out concert in Sheringham and recorded a third single, Carolynn, at Abbey Road Studios in London, before performing at The Camden Club. You can also find him performing in his band or solo all over North Norfolk. He has released four recent singles since October 2022; “Why Did I Keep Movin’ On” ,“She Never Made Old Bones”, “Carolynn,” and “Fall Apart (2023).” We have reviewed the last two of these singles in the magazine (you can find those reviews in “the vault”).


His latest single is a bit of a departure from his comfort-zone in that it has more of a pop influence as well as a more familiar folk vibe. It’s high tempo and full of energy, very catchy. “Pick Up the Phone” will be available on all digital platforms starting July 14, 2023. There are harmony vocals,driving drums, and soaring fiddle solos.

You can download the single here

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