I had a listen to this single and once again was transported to the world of British folk music, a musical area we probably don’t cover enough in the magazine as it certainly falls under our umbrella. This is the second time we have reviewed a track by Norfolk based singer-songwriter Ervin Munir, as he is releasing some singles as a prerunner to his album which is expected in June. Previously Stevie reviewed “Carolynn” and gave it a positive thumbs up (I have added the official video for that one below).

“Fall Apart” has been heard before in 2014 on an album by “Rock Lobster,” aptly named as Erin performs solo at local folk clubs and helps run the open mic “Rock the Lobster”. He is also active in the Playing for Cake organization (linked here) which provides interactive singing for health and wellbeing music experiences.

The single for “Fall apart” is out on Friday 28th and can be downloaded here. It is considerably reworked from the 2014 version, it’s a song about protest and the difficulty of achieving real change, and it is very relevant to what’s going on in many places in the world right now.

Ervin told us, “‘Fall Apart,’ investigates the tribulation in making significant attitude shifts. It is a protest release about standing up for what one believes most. The music is a voyage, and a mouth-watering guitar-plucked arrangement propels it forward.”

Personally, I have a soft spot for the harmonica and it makes a welcome appearance in the sound of this one and it features lap-steel guitar hooks performed by the highly-reputable musician Aeron Z Jones. The melody is sweet, the lyrics a bit more reflective and biting. Folk music tells stories and connects to the “common voice” and the song speaks of the wind of change and the rivers of blood. The sweetness in the harmonica and the melody of the vocals is the very antithesis of the narrative. I enjoyed the guitar break in the middle section, and it is a very confident track, and the production is spot on.

Did I like it? Yes I did, a lot actually. It makes me look forward to the upcoming album and I know Benny is trying to get an interview with Ervin around the time of release, so watch out for that.

Ervin also told us, “This new song is a reflection of what is going on today in many parts of the world, as people struggle to get their voice heard by the powers that be, and bring about meaningful change. I will also be performing it, amongst other songs, at a launch concert at Sewellbarns Theatre in Norwich on the 29th April 2023 – 19:30.”

by: Lorraine Foley

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