Readers of this magazine will know that we have covered the music of popular Norfolk-based folk artist Ervin Munir off-and-on over the last year or two. He always delivers melodic folk that lyrically touches the listener, and this is no exception. We know he has an album coming up and are looking forward to reviewing it.

“Like a Bullet through My Heart” sings Ervin Munir about the end of a relationship in his new single “Fall From Grace.” This lament for a lost love that started with a kiss so long ago is familiar to just about anyone who has been through a breakup. The song changes direction around two minutes into a soft rock melody, and there is this delightful soaring guitar on point and the hint of a piano note under the mix.The song has popular poignancy, melodic harmony, and radio appeal.

A little note for the single art work too. Ervin always has interesting art to go with his music, no exception this time with the fallen face mask imagery (above).

His involvement in the local music scene extends to solo performances at folk clubs, co-hosting the open mic event “Rock the Lobster,” and active participation in the Playing for Cake organization, providing interactive singing for health and well-being experiences. Ervin’s journey took a significant turn in August 2022 when he teamed up with producer Aeron Z Jones, resulting in a creative synergy that has yielded remarkable songs ever since. Notably, in October 2022, Ervin held a sold-out concert in Sheringham and recorded his third single, “Carolynn,” at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. A performance at the Camden Club further demonstrated his dedication to his craft. Now, Ervin Munir is poised to break new ground with his upcoming single, “Fall From Grace,” which showcases his prowess on vocals, piano, and acoustic guitar while featuring Aeron Z Jones on electric guitar, lapsteel, and bass. This piano ballad, infused with pop and folk elements, promises to be a captivating addition to Ervin’s growing discography.

And the latest news from our side is that the new album may be out in November, so watch this space!

You can get the single from this Spotify link.

You can also purchase the single from here (helps the artist!)

Stevie Ritson

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