I stumbled across this talented lady, having her music recommended to me by a friend, and then checked out her back catalog. Florence Jack is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Aberdeenshire. She has a new single out called “Such a Shame,” but we thought we would say hello to her and note a couple of her tracks here to make this review a bit more interesting to read!

You have to be old enough for this next bit, but back in the day, you could walk into a jazz bar where the smoke would lie, and this stunning singer would be swaying to the beat that you could feel pulsing through the cramped surroundings. On the dance floor, through the haze, a couple of cool dudes would be slow dancing, cigarettes in hand. The dimly lit room would be filled with the smooth melodies of a saxophone or piano, intertwining with the sultry voice of the singer. The air would be thick with the scent of whiskey and laughter as patrons leaned in closer to hear the soulful lyrics. The music transports you to another era when Harding was in the White House, worries faded away, and all that mattered was the rhythm of the night. It was a time when people embraced the moment, lost in the intoxicating ambiance of the jazz.

This is where I would find Florence Jack and where her voice singing “Lovely” belongs! 

“Such a Shame” is a 2023 remix of a track she released in 2021. It has a catchy beat, simplistically catchy, with a little sing-a-long bit that has certain radio appeal. 

“I Don’t Wanna Know” also came out in 2023 and has a more poppy feel, another one to gently slow dance to. 

I moved on to “Boss,” released in 2022. This one is a different type of track, with a slightly techno feel to it. It vocally moves to a different groove. 

And there we are! She’s a talent to watch for, and I think we will see her making increasing waves in 2024. Rock the Joint Magazine will be watching her progress and bringing you her music.

Download her music here

We also have a little bonus conversation with her here for you, as promised!

Were you from a musical family? Were you walking down the high school

corridors singing?

Florence- Yes, I have grown up with music all around me, which I think has shaped me into the artist that I am today. Throughout my childhood, there was always a piano in the house, and everybody would play it. I don’t think I would be able to live anywhere without a piano; it is the heart and soul of a home! I started writing songs in primary school with a miniature guitar that my grandma had actually gifted my sister for Christmas. As well as piano and guitar, I got into playing the ukulele and cello. 

And yes, I did walk down the high school corridors singing! Not just the corridors, but I sang in the playground and in the classrooms! 

Listening to the two tracks, we felt you had a voice that came from old-school classic jazz! Who are your singing icons?

Florence- I love that. Thank you! I’ve always loved Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Nina Simone, -who not only had a fabulous voice but was also a brilliant pianist. My biggest all time pop influence is Taylor Swift. Her songwriting and lyrics are amazing. I also think the way she has handled her career as a female artist in the music industry is admirable.

Tell us about the new single; how did it develop, and do you view it as a close relative of “Don’t Wanna Know.”

Florence- When I first began writing the song, I knew I wanted to write something that was witty but also a song people could relate to. The lyrics are about all of the things you might feel like doing to an ex who has cheated on you. I wanted to get the opinion of others, so I brainstormed with my friends and came up with some ideas. I ended up writing it all in my loft (my home studio). Two years later, I have now released a remix of the original, which is bigger and better. I feel that my mixing and production skills are improving, so the song deserves another spin!  I’d say in some ways that ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ and ‘Such a Shame’ (Remix) are close relatives, as they are both about relationships. ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ focuses more on trying to get over an ex despite being bombarded with information about them from friends and social media. Sometimes you just don’t want to know! 

And what is your current level of ambition—England or world dominance?

Florence- Scotland, then England, then the rest of the UK, and then hopefully Europe and beyond! In the meantime, I would like to grow a bigger loyal fanbase as well as grow as an artist, hopefully releasing an EP next year. I’d love to reach a wider audience with my music by getting more gigging opportunities and festival slots too! 

So there we are, everybody! Florence Jack, already a legend!

By Lorraine Foley.

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