One of our favourite new blues/rock artists here at the magazine, GeminiiDragon, releases her new album “3” on January 2nd, which can be streamed from all major platforms. So welcome to 2024, everybody!

From the murky bayous of Louisiana comes a fresh face to the American blues music scene. A vocal tour d’ force GeminiiDragon has channelled her love for the late 60s and 70s blues and AOR bands and artists, the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Koko Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Cream and Led Zeppelin, and the super group Arc Angels, to name a few, into a ferocious mix of blues rock soul… Blues on Steriods!!!

Her inherited talent and love of an eclectic collage of music from her parents that spans several decades and genres can be heard and felt in her voice and through her lyrics.

A chance meeting with producer, guitarist and partner Christian Simeon has formed the latest chapter in her music quest. In this collaboration, with his help and influence, she has achieved a third project that she feels is the next step in her musical maturation.

We spoke to her at the magazine in early 2023, a great little feature that is linked below. I was certainly pleased to get a listen to her new album for you all, and here is the review:

“I Wanna Know” opens the album; a musical intro with a solid drum sound takes us into a husky blues vocal. The track soars upward and has a strong chorus. I would imagine this one would sound great live.

“Caught Up in Your Love” has a powerful introduction and a terrific build-up of sound based around the drums and guitar riff. The vocals shift for the sound, almost having a grungy blues feel to it. That chugging guitar riff drives the car on this one, making for a classy blues rocker.

“A Fool for You” is another blues rocker drawing from a 1970s style of guitar riff and panther-like drums. The vocals are drawn from a blend of Zeppelin and the blues, and the track is full of confidence and power.

“Great Day” – is a song about positivity even in difficult times. “I’m reaching high as a cloud,” sings Geminii, and it is one of those rocky numbers you can just tell she is having so much fun with. The vocals stomp over some classy rock-style guitar work.

“Clowns” turns to Zeppelin again, albeit with GeminiiDragon’s vocals filled with angst on this one; she is one feisty woman! I really liked the guitar solo that picks up the groove midway, and the whole feel of this short track is of a bottled explosion.

“The Ballad of Willie Mae and George,” which we spoke to Geminii about when we interviewed her. This is classic dirty blues, and this guy has definitely done his woman wrong! It is a narrative blues ballad, one GeminiiDragon turns her storytelling skills to.

“Desert Heart” has a wonderful melody within it; the track was a favourite of mine. It turns to this dark storytelling and melodic chorus. Apart from being really interesting as a musical piece, I absolutely loved her vocals here, like a female David Coverdale. The whole track builds upward, and it nails it.

“Cherokee” has a great introduction, a solidly rocky run-in, and a strong melody. This is what I would call a driving song; I’d play it loud while on the open road. Lyrically, GeminiiDragon sings about a Native American friend and his stand for Native pride and independence in this modern world. 

“Last train to Thibodaux” – Thibodaux (I had to look it up!) is a city in Louisiana. And this is a terrific number to close the album. I loved the guitar work and the blend of a smooth blues sound with a rock beat.  This track is a hybrid blend that really works; there is a bit of soul in the mix, and the vocals absolutely deliver.

I absolutely liked the album; it has a mature blues rock sound and pulls out a couple of crackers even though Christmas has passed. It’s musically really tight; the guitar and drum sound perfectly meet these power vocals for an album that will set the standard for 2024. Any lover of modern blues and Zeppelin will totally get this; it slides into the groove and deserves to succeed.

Standout tracks: “Last Train to Thibodaux” and “Desert Heart.”

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By: Stevie Ritson.

Album Credits

Produced By : The HATERZ

Recorded At : The Beatrice Studios 

Engineered By : Felicia Moorestatt

Additional Engineering : Timothy James 

Mixed By : Stephen Powell

Mixed At : Preserved Sounds Studios

Mastered By : Reuben GoldHammer

Mastered At : GoldHammer Mastering

Executive Producers : Timmer Blakely and Chad Rupp

GeminiiDRAGON : Vocals

Guitars : Christian Simeon

Bass : Dougie V

Drums : Eric Sasser

Vibraphone : Malaysia Lewis

Guest Appearances

Harmonica : Chad Rupp courtesy of Lightning In A Bottle Records

Guitar : TJ Wong courtesy of Lightning In A Bottle Records


1. I Wanna Know (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

2. Desert Heart (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

3. Clowns (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

4. Wasted Time (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

5. Great Day (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

6. You Ain’t Up To No Good featuring Chad Rupp and TJ Wong (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

7. Cherokee (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

8. A Fool For You (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

9. Caught Up In Your Love (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

10. Last Train To Thibodaux (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

11. Ballad OF WIllie Mae & George ( The Reprise)  ( Jessica Harper , Christian Simeon)

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