I have just been listening to the new single from GeminiiDragon, “Wasted Time” which has been pulled from her upcoming album “3” to be released on February 1, 2024, on Lightning in a Bottle Records.

“I just enjoy writing songs that I think can reach people and relay what they’re feeling every day, I’m a Joe Public just like the next person, and I want to write my experiences just like the next person.” says GeminiiDragon.

The song is just the beginning of a new journey for the singer who is stretching the bounds of what Blues and Rock means to her. ‘Wasted time’ is just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come!

Onto the single! There is a real bad ass rock vibe to this one, with a strong guitar hook and this gravelly vocal performance. It’s a song that has attitude in spades. You all know out there that it is indeed a crazy world, but if you like your music with rocks in, then you will like this one for sure. And in times of trouble we need more music in our lives.

We spoke to Geminii a while back and she was a great to talk to. At that time, she said of recording,

“To me, (it) is the fun part of singing, to have diversity. You use your voice to add the different colours to the song and change the direction of the song. You can sing the same words in very different ways and change the meaning, that is what is so much fun- the heaviness of the vocals, the runs, the level. Does it have that gospel feel? Even a word can change the feel of a song. That is why I love what I do.”

We love what she does too, and the new album is set up so well with this first glimpse of what she has been working on.

One of her earlier tracks is here in the YouTube

Review by Stevie Ritson

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