It is always a real thrill to be there to review the debut of an artist that I like. We always say we exist to present our readers with interesting artists that fall under our umbrella, and this is one of those occasions. Now, as one of the female members of the team, even I can see why one of the editorial team members (Mark in this case!) spotted the cover for this singer, had a listen and fired the track over to me. 

So who is Gla Lys? She is a Belgian singer-songwriter based in London and is thrilled to announce the release of her debut single, “Price of Fame,” which came out on May 12th. 

Her music, as the press release tells me, blends pop and rock with influences of blues and jazz, creating a distinctive sound. “Price of Fame,” the lead single from her forthcoming debut album, draws inspiration from James Bond and explores the lengths artists will go to achieve fame in the music industry. The track reflects on the changing landscape of the music world and the extreme measures some take to gain attention and visibility in this fiercely competitive field. In this song, Gla Lys poignantly states: “Everybody wants to be famous, but some are only really ambitious,” and questions, “What wouldn’t I do to hear millions of fans screaming my name? What wouldn’t I do to be famous?”

So, what do I think? Bond! “Martini’s, Girls and Guns,” Sheryl Crow sang in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and this song slips alongside that one. I like Bond, and this song certainly fits the bracket of the sensual theme song. First of all, Gla Lys looks the part, the image side, she has in the bag. Vocally, she has the ability too. I was taken into a jazz club in the 1920’s. It is Harding in the White House, and illicit whisky is passed through a club with cigar smoke in the air. I look amazing, of course, and I turn to the stage to see this sultry jazz singer on the stand. Yes, that is where I am with this number. It’s hard to judge on one song, but this is not pop/rock; this is jazz with a dose of blues on the rocks. It runs for 5 minutes, 30 seconds and has a big chorus repeat. I am certainly left wanting to hear more, which is a good sign.  So watch this space, I am certainly interested in what the album will bring.


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You can download the single here.

By Lorraine Foley