Founded in 2018, Tel Aviv based rockers Illegal Mind have just released a new single called “Industrial Birth 2.0” and it is a great slab of modern metal with a kind of funky groove that made me grab the review!

The Link to download is here

It can be good to have a bit of metal in the mixer! Now, when I was young, so much younger than today, we had rock, hard rock, and then metal. But now that there are so many of these subdivisions it can be hard to get your head around them all. I can’t quite figure out alternative metal (which apparently Israeli band Illegal Minds are), and as for industrial metal?! But I think if I were to slot this one into a box, then techno metal would fit the day, as it was saying that to me as I listened. 

It has this power riff and driving drum sound to kick things off before the vocals drive the mosh pit to jump around!  The band delivers a pretty fine track that augurs well for the upcoming EP “The Ashes.” I was thinking of waiting for the EP but enjoyed this one a lot, so did the write up.

As one of the catchiest and hardest-hitting songs from the band, “Industrial Birth 2.0” invites you to put it on repeat. However, the song’s appeal goes beyond its music, as its lyrics delve into the concept of humanity living within a simulated reality, grown in fields and inspired by the iconic film “The Matrix” The track challenges the listener to question their own existence and ponder if there is more to reality than meets the eye. Can we break free from the simulation?

“Children are born

On fields they’re grown

Fields of human race

They live in their own virtual worlds.”

Illegal Mind has taken a DIY approach, producing it themselves in a post-apocalyptic bunker to capture the rawness and authenticity of their sound. This approach certainly does not detract from the quality of the song, and if you love a bit of vibrant modern commercial metal, then this one would be for you.

Credits releases April 13, 2023 The track was recorded in Maxx Dee’s home studio Mixed and mastered at ‎J.A Music – Studio Lyrics & Music by Maxx Dee Drums: Maxx Dee Guitars: Maxx Dee Bass: Maxx Dee Sound Engineer, Mix & Master: Josef Alhazov Artwork: Max × DALL·E·2

By: Stevie Ritson

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