There are times when it is great to work in a small team of four, and times when it is a bit limiting, this is one of those latter moments lol. I say this because, in February, Lucy’s Disorder released a single called “Tell Me a Secret” as a debut, and it was there in my inbox with a promise for it to be done. The problem is that so much else came flying in that this very deserving single got mislaid. I am making up for it now!

Let me start with the press information that headed my way.

Brace yourselves, music lovers! Melbourne’s sonic renegades, Lucy’s Disorder, are about to drop their inaugural bombshell, ‘Tell Me a Secret’. The single, performed by Nicolas Torres (vocals and lead guitar), Zoe Alexa (bass and harmonies), Shane Clark (rhythm guitar), and Mike Palomeque (drums), is a wild ride through distorted riffs and infectious chaos. Lucy’s Disorder, the misfit quartet hailing from the vibrant streets of Melbourne, is here to redefine indie chaos. Crafted by Torres’ whimsical mind, ‘Tell Me a Secret’ encapsulates a night of indecision, youthful exuberance, and quirky revelations. Get ready for an unruly fusion of chaotic riffs that’ll have you tapping your toes.

The single was produced by a local artist, Josh Ten.

My review: it is hard for me to review any artist when I have only one song to go on, but this was a more than decent kick-off. It reminded me at first of theme music for a sci-fi programme, but then it switched into a pop punk sound with a few touches of Ska hidden away in the grooves. I liked the little touches of vocal harmony, and the drum sound from Mike Palomeque was really good. The band was comfortable with their sound, and the accompanying video set in Clubland, complete with the pole dancer, strikes a chord.

I think that in this modern era, it remains amazing that we get to connect with a new band on the other side of the world (we are all in the UK here), but I see this as a band with a future, I’m glad I had a listen, and I look forward to the next single.


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You can download the single from here

By Lorraine Foley