I have been chasing my tail a bit recently, but I am pleased to get in the review for this one a day early! One of the mad things about reviewing (especially when you are part of a very small team) is the sheer contrast in music you get to listen to, even if we have certain genres we cover. I was listening to an independent heavy metal act with their album release just yesterday, and today I’m listening to some country style from one of this magazine’s friends, Rebecca Richards. We did an interview with her when she released “Unluckiest of Hearts” in October, I have included that on a link at the very end of this piece for those of you who don’t know Rebecca. But, please don’t confuse it with the new track!. 

Thus, it was great to sit on the sofa with a morning cup of tea and listen to her new release. She said about this one:

“I love it when you smile,” which comes out with presales on December 3rd and full sales on the 10th, and I think I mentioned that this one has much more of a country vibe to it, and it’s for a charity here in South Wales that provides “smiles” for people undergoing cancer treatment by a wonderful family who are carrying out the legacy of their son, who sadly passed away, by fulfilling this lasting wish.

As a result, all proceeds from this single are donated to charity, about which we will give you some information. In May 2010, Matt Walklin was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had eight rounds of chemotherapy in Cardiff, two cycles of high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell support (in isolation) in London, and two cycles of regular chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A bulge between his lungs prompted a bronchoscopy and mediastinoscopy, followed by two procedures. Matt’s fortitude, courage, and passion were an inspiration to us all.

Matt felt that “consultants, doctors, and nurses take care of everything from the chin down, but you, the patient, must take care of your own mind and thinking.”

Matthew Walklin

He proposed Matthew Walklin’s Make a Smile Foundation.

Matt’s charity aims to make chemotherapy more bearable by distracting patients and making them smile.

His nonprofit “improves cancer patients’ comfort and wellbeing by providing more facilities, services, and equipment”

We want to give DVD players and DVDs, gaming consoles and games, laptops (internet-ready with video messaging), children’s games and toys, and more. Whatever helps patients “smile” Matt concluded his adventure with cancer (he didn’t like the phrases “war” or “battle” since they were too negative) when he died on March 18, 2012, aged nearly 28.

The link to buying the single is here

My review of the single is that it reminded me a lot of The Seekers or The Carpenters, it is a commercial, radio friendly country tune. I’d describe it as smooth country harmony, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The vocals are pure cherry pie, and one track is not really enough!

You got the world on your mind 

And your mind on your face 

Let me caress your cares away 

Make them melt without trace 

Come on have some fun with me 

Throw your head back and laugh 

Show me your smile

Lyrics by Rebecca Richards.

Review by Stevie Ritson.


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