We first met Robyn Red about a year ago and feel like giving ourselves a pat on the back, as we know talent when we see it! Since our feature, Robyn seems to be everywhere in the country scene, getting award nominations and gaining an increasingly enthused fan base.

Robyn Red has been racking up critical acclaim, having won gold at the World Championship of Performing Arts, Country Gigs Scotland songwriter of the year in 2022 and 2023, along with Young Female Artist of the Year. She also won the Clews Country Music Award for new artist and has reached the final of the UK Country Music Awards for UK female country singer of the year and UK country artist of the year (award ceremony, October 2023). And we will say this quietly, but we told you so!

When we spoke to her, she had only released the single “Like a Bullet.” Since then, she continues to impress as a songwriter, telling us, “I would see myself as country pop to an extent, but at the moment, my writing is far more traditional country. I am developing new music at the moment” (we link to the full interview below).

Therefore, I was happy to listen to what Robyn has been creating for us now. 

The single has an upbeat melody that runs counter to the content of the lyrics! Robyn is making real progress as a songwriter, and I would say she has created a great modern country pop sound here. The chorus hooks you in, and the whole song has confidence from a singer who knows it’s damn good! It’s self-penned and hits the mark as a fictional tale of a cheating guy.

“Luke Jackson” is released on October 6, 2023. Robyn says of the song,

“This is about a lady meeting a tall, blue-eyed man in a bar and falling in love with him. One year down the line, she finds out that he has been married more than a few times with lots of children, and still he continues to cheat and lie to everyone about his relationships. The women get together and wait for him to come home from work one night to get their revenge.”

So the whole song is a great bit of country lyricism, a fun track from one of the names attracting so much attention from the country media in 2023.

The artist website is linked here

You can get her previous single, “When the Sun Sets” here

By Lorraine Foley


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