We chatted in 2023 to Rogue Awakening, a heavy/alt rock band based in Horsham, about their EP “Feed Me Fire,” which has a heavy but melodic sound. The band says of the new single (released on January 26):

“It’s about projecting your desires and expectations onto someone and trying to make them into something they aren’t. It also taps into our primal, base instincts and how they can be really hard to ignore.”

I loved that single cover. In the days of vinyl 45s, that would have looked so good on the shelves. This is a really big arena sound from a band with ambition written all over them. The drum sound pounds in the jungle, and the skins move as the sticks give them a blast. The whole sound hits crescendo, and the sound moves into a much heavier territory than the more melodic sound I was listening to when we spoke to these guys a few months ago. From the discording heavy guitar riffs to the grungier vocals, the whole band is in top form. I really hope these guys get on the festival circuit this summer, as they absolutely have the sound and the music to make an impact.

I’m looking forward to more from these independent British rockers in 2024, one of those that really should be on the radar of our rocking readers. Kimberly told us about their songwriting:

“Light and shade are very important; Tom and I have certainly spoken about it, writing the lyrics. All of us have different experiences and lean slightly towards other genres, so we have never had to push to hard to be able to push outward musically more.”

And there we have it. 

You can find the stream for the single here

Their Instagram page is here.

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By Stevie Ritson


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