It must be a sign of getting older when the artists you are reviewing are old enough to be your daughters, and that is the case here! Rosie Hollins, fourteen years old, has a single out called “Special One” that is available through all the usual platforms.

I felt that I was at a disadvantage knowing she was 14, because you have a certain expectation of high school production, that would be entirely unfair here. Rosie has a mature voice and a solid delivery, and this should be an indication of a really promising career ahead. 

Anyone who has dipped into our magazine over the last year knows we support singer songwriters and recognize talent when it’s there. Based on this one song, this girl has talent! It is now a case of developing it and taking it forward. When Benny sent me the review and said how old she was, I did raise an eyebrow, but he reminded me of the old saying, “If you are good enough, then you are old enough.”

It’s a simple song with a piano accompaniment and a message of positivity. It has a fine, relaxing vibe, a touch of jazz in there, and in older times, it had touches of Dusty or Cilla Black. 

Lyrically it touches on themes beyond her years, “do you get tired of being judged?” Yes, we all live in a judgmental era, but Rosie doesn’t condemn; she remains upbeat.


We will see where this young lady takes her music next. I have a feeling if she goes down the jazz route, she really has the voice for it.

“If you don’t think you’re the special one, there is someone out there who is,” Rosie says of the song. “Through my songs and all my music, I hope to connect with and help people who may need it and give them comfort in music.”

If you want to download this track and support Rosie, then just link here and go for it!

By Lorraine Foley.

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2 Replies to “Rosie Hollins: The Special One”

  1. Hi I loved the review about Rosie she’s our daughter & so passionate about music & it made us as parents extremely proud, A quick question does this come in paper form as I’d love to get a copy if possible kind regards & a big Thanks , Gary Rosie’s dad

    1. Hello Gary,
      Listening to the track you have much to be proud of! It was a great introduction to her and we hope to hear a lot more from her over the years. At the moment we are only an online magazine while we establish ourselves and build up a readership base. A print copy is a little way off yet, but thanks for asking! To anyone reading this, we have a desire to retain delivering support to singer songwriters and recording artists we enjoy, that content will remain free. However, we will grow if people support us by buying the occasional thing from our merchandise, all our own designs, or get something from the Amazon shops. Then we grow! We have currently around 700-900 online readers a day, and we enjoy working with artists very much. Thanks to you Gary and to all our readers.

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