In May and June 2024, there are concerts arranged for Matt Long. We spoke to Matt in 2022 when Catfish released their EP, ‘Bound for Better Days.’ Matt was a great interviewee—a warm, entertaining and talented man to talk to.

When we received the information here, we were shocked, to be honest, but also knew that we had to promote what was being done as well as we could. These concerts will have great, wonderful musicians such as Brave Rival, When Rivers Meet and Emma Wilson (among others) performing. Please follow the donate links at the end of the information to donate as well.

Therefore, for this promotion, we are repeating the press release that was sent to us. We are placing it below. And from all of us here at the magazine, Benny, Lorraine, Stevie and Mark, we sincerely wish everything well for Matt and pray for his recovery.

Stand Together Against Cancer: The Concert For Matt Long series of Benefit concerts takes place in May and June 2024, with shows in Kent, Staines, Luton, Darlington and Milton Keynes.

London— Tuesday, April 9, 2024 — Catfish lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Long was diagnosed with bowel cancer a year ago, and recent scans revealed that the cancer had spread to his liver and stomach lining.

Matt’s mum Fiona Long, has also set up a GoFundMe page aiming to raise £100,000 for private treatment in the US for his cancer treatment.

A description on Crowdfunder reads: ‘Matt has been battling bowel cancer for just under a year, and despite surgery and chemotherapy, his latest scan shows that the cancer has spread into his liver and stomach lining. His cancer team has said that although there is the option of trying a different type of chemotherapy, they don’t hold out much hope that it will cure him and that it is likely to at best extend his life a little.

There is an option to have a sample of the tumour sequenced, which will give us the maximum amount of information on its make up, which will then show the cancer team exactly what drugs to use to damage it—to either slow it down, or kill it.

‘Obviously, we want to give him access to absolutely everything that might give him a chance. The only access to this treatment is via the private route, which is going to be expensive; just the sequencing, which involves sending a sample of the tumour to the USA to a specialist lab, is a little under £3k and any drugs will apparently be about £3k a month after that. We will fund what we can as a family, but obviously any ‘fighting fund’ you can give us would be very much appreciated.

‘Without any treatment, his cancer team have told us he won’t make it past the end of this year. With access to sequencing, if it turns out to be something specific they have drugs for, he may have a 15% chance of survival. That has to be worth a shot.’

As a result of this significant and global support for Matt Long and his family, the blues, rock, and music community will be coming together for a series of five special benefit shows across the United Kingdom, with each being held at a different venue and location which holds a special place in Catfish’s heart. All funds from all the shows will go directly towards Matt Long’s medical treatment fund. A different multi-talented lineup (as well as some unannounced special guests) will perform at the following (Lineups subject to change):

Wednesday 8th May 2024 – The Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs, Kent

Zac Schulze

Phil Woolett/John Doe Trio

Katie Bradley

Nigel Feist

Dave Good

Dudley Ross

Please Call Jackie on 07814 344 969 for tickets and more information.

Sunday 19th May 2024 – Thameside Brewery, 1 Hale Street, Staines, Surrey, TW18 4UW

Laurence Jones

Greg Coulson

True Strays

Mike Ross

Alice Armstrong

Bad Influence With Jess Hayes

Martin Abrahams Band

Thomas Heppell

Ticket Price: £30.00 Each

Timings: Doors at Noon Music from 1pm Till 10pm (UK Time)

Ticket Link:

Saturday 1st June 2024 – The Bear Club, Mill Yard, 24A Guildford St, Luton LU1 2NR

John Verity (Argent)

Del Bronham (Stray)

Robin Bibi

The Big Wolf Band (UK Blues Award Nominees 2024)

Ticket Price: £20.00 Each

Timings: Doors 6.30pm / Music 7.30pm

Ticket Link:

Friday 28th June 2024 – The Forum, Borough Rd, Darlington, DL1 1SG

John Verity (Argent)

Ash Wilson

Rebecca Downes

Andrew Pipe

Emma Wilson

Lorna Fothergill

Plus The Forum House Band consisting of:

Jamie Pipe on Keyboards (The Mentulls & Danny Bryant)

Steve Amadeo on Bass (Aynsley Lister, Ian Parker and Ben Poole Bands)

Alvin Sephton on Drums (More T Vicar & The Defenders)

Ticket Price: £25 Each

Timings: Doors: 6.00pm Showtime: 7.00pm

Ticket Link:

Sunday 30th June 2024 – (Low Ticket Alert), Jim Marshall Auditorium, The Stables, Stockwell Ln, Wavendon, Milton Keynes MK17 8LU

Brave Rival

Kris Barras

When Rivers Meet

Will Wilde

Chantel McGregor

The Cinelli Brothers

Ben Poole

Alice Armstrong

Ticket Price: £49.50 Each (Price Includes Fees)

Timings: 6pm Showtime until 10pm

Ticket Link:

For further information:

Glenn Sargeant

Mobile: 07941 965 125


Extra Information

Matt Long Photo Credit: Silfan van der Kaap

#StandTogetherAgainstCancer (Hashtag for Social Media Use)

To Donate to the GoFundMe visit:

For more information on Catfish visit:

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