Previous to this, I knew Talia from “Until It’s Forgotten” (released in 2022, and the link for downloading is here). “Until the dream is forgotten,” sang Talia, and this song was really touching. If you have been through loss and you ever wondered how it could speak to you through music, then this does. 

Talia is a really talented singer; she can hit those notes and transmit the emotion in this track, which is a lament for loss. It is simplistic; the piano accompaniment provides the gentle melody, and the voice soars through the pain within. All credit goes to her for that one, I had to mention it as it touched me at the time, and now.

The new single is Abandon,” (link to download here) and Talia delivers a power piece, returning to a rock sound but with these amazing vocals doing gymnastics over the top. It has these interesting guitar breaks, an underpinning bass line, and this piano playout. It is very different from “Until it’s Forgotten,” I would say have a listen to both if you can, and there are clearly creative times ahead for Talia. 

If you want a bit of backstory, Talia Hoit is an American singer-songwriter from Colorado.

Classically trained, she began playing the piano at the age of 5. Now, she writes her own songs, sings, plays keyboards, and writes orchestral music for symphonic metal. You can really hear the classical training in both tracks.

Talia, photo credit Gret Witwer

Interestingly, she was the keyboardist and a co-songwriter for the hard rock band Anadies for 5 years, releasing an album, “Formamentum” (2004), and an  EP, Catalyst (2006), before branching out to write her own solo songs and sing classical music. This single is a long way from hard rock, yet try listening to some of Amy Lee, and you are in similar territory.

Talia performed as a soprano with the Colorado Springs Chorale for 10 years and as a chamber singer with the Colorado Springs Chorale for 5 years. As a solo artist, she wrote and independently recorded two original albums of songs, Fate’s Too Small

(2007) and A Little Longer (2012), which had a limited physical CD release only.

So have a listen and support the artist by downloading the tracks. She has a hell of a voice and, as seen in the two tracks I cover here, a wide range of musical reach.

By Lorraine Foley

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