We spoke to Taynee a few months ago, so it is great to do a review of her new single now. She continues to get into the studio and is connecting to all her storytelling talent once again! I have to say how much I like the cover photograph for this single too. What an amazing Cleopatra-style outfit! I loved it—not that I’m reviewing the outfit here, but I couldn’t resist!

Taynee founded her 5 piece band (the Crookes), which quickly took shape in Bristol in late 2018, recording their debut EP “If Only” in January 2019. On release day, Taynee’s single “Blue Jeans” made its first radio debut on BBC Radio Bristol, and ever since she has been a rising force amidst the burgeoning British Country Music Scene with her transmitting connection to the roots of Americana. Taynee was nominated for British Country AirPlay Artiste of the Year 2019, and she and the band made their television performance debut on Sky TV Showcase in December 2019, playing live on the UK Americana Bar Show.

“Heavy Air ” has an ambience around Taynee’s metaphor for someone getting anxious. Taynee says of this song that the song’s lyrics highlight feeling trapped because of someone else’s lies, which then stops you from being able to speak your own truth. When the air has already been clouded by other people’s judgment, ‘heavy air’ means there’s no space left for your side of the story. You let your emotions take over, as you can no longer calm down. The tension builds in the music as the song goes on, which really reflects this emotion of anxiousness. 

Heavy Air was recorded with Rockfield Studio engineer Tim Lewis and Tom Meighan’s (Kasabian) producer/engineer Ross Rothero-Bourge at Ariel Studios, Wales and The Cube Studios, Cornwall, UK. 

It is released on March 14.

You can stream the single and other music by Taynee here

And now the review of the single:

“Move the clock, give myself another day!” sings Taynee in this hard-hitting country rock ballad. I liked the drum sound, which has a little lift in the mix, and Taylee’s vocals are full of the passion and drama of the song. The music both lifts and underpins the tensions of the song, and the guitar break right at the end neatly closes the drama. I’m backing Taynee all the way; this has all the elements of a great single, and I sincerely hope it gets the airwave play it so deserves.

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By Lorraine Foley

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