The new single from this popular duo was released on July 21st. It is an early nod towards the album of the same name that is coming soon. Wily Bo and Don Gordon met up at the Scottish Album of the Year Awards (2021), where Wily Bo had been nominated for “Ain’t No Man a Good Man.” I am sure the album will be a rocking tribute to days gone by, with some sing-along choruses and smooth melodies.

When he spoke to our magazine a month or two ago, Wily Bo said, “As an artist, I just follow the muse and do what I do. I get placed as a vocalist with the blues, and I have spent a lot of time with the blues, but I am interested in other genres.”

So what have we here in this single?

“Time Will Throw Us Away”  is a gutsy ballad with some great guitar licks, and the vocals are very impressive here. Musically, and for no reason I can altogether fathom out, the track reminds me of Nickelback’s “I Wanna Be a RockStar.” It also has this unexpected “Sha La La” sing along section. I have to say it was a little gem of a track that went on my playlist, and I think if you like some old fashioned rock ballad style music with some bluesy guitar, then give this one a go. 

There is quite a fun little retro video for the single too, I’ve popped that below.

Download the track here.

By Stevie Ritson

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