‘I’m A Blues Man Baby’ is a brand new single from Voodoo Ramble featuring British blues guitarist Mick Pini. It’s a taste of the band’s forthcoming fifth album and marks a return to the blues basics. I do like it when I feel a bit of boogie coming on, and this track has a meeting of the blues and a shuffle boogie that you just have to move to. 

I don’t know why, but Status Quo jumped to mind when I first heard this, and the guitar sound when it breaks into the musical section really delivers a terrific shuffle blues. I do like it, and I would happily bring my sister too! Blues is a wide church, and this is really entertaining blues that can put a smile on your face, I could almost play the air guitar to it! A quick mention for the drums, as well as they nailed the track nicely.


As background to the single, following the well received ‘Home Again’ album, band leader Boris Zamba hooked up with guitarist Mick Pini at his House of Happiness studio in Germany.

The two guitarists immediately connected with their love of the blues. They plugged in, jammed, and the sparks flew on a sparkling shuffle blues.

As Boris explains: “It’s been a while since the last album, and I felt the time was right for a new collaboration.

It was the perfect time to meet Mick, as I wanted to get back to the blues, and in his long career, he’s played with some of the biggest names, including B.B. King and Luther Allison.

The song is the kind of blues shuffle that naturally leads to plenty of space for improvisation, and that suited us both perfectly. I think it’s a great groove, and the slick licks make this song a boomer, and I hope it makes you want to dance.

Just let yourself flow with the beat, and you’ll catch the rhythm.”The single features Boris Zamba on guitar and vocals, Mick Pini on guitar,  groove drummer Damir Somen, and Neven Resnik on Hammond. It was mixed and produced by Dragutin Smokrovic-Smokva (aka The Fig)

You can stream the single from here

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By Stevie Ritson

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