Sometimes when you hear a new song, it is an interpretation of an older track, and this one is the fourth single off of Wax Mekanix’s 2023 album, “Psychotomimetic” (available now through Electric Talon Records and streaming platforms).

It takes us into the world of Wax Mekanix, and as seen from the lyrics below, it effortlessly blends Wax Mekanix into The Beatles “She Said She Said” from their “Revolver” album, an ‘acid’ track written between Lennon and Harrison (where McCartney walked out of the studio after disagreeing with the arrangement).

It is a single very much in that acid realm of the mid- to late 60’s, a psychedelic blend of The Beatles, Beach Boys and something else that is, in all probability, Wax Mekanix


“The less you know, the better you’ll be

The less you know, the better you’ll be

Unless you want to quibble in a Shrew’s Fiddle

The less you know, the better you’ll be

She said,

“I know what it’s like to be dead

I know what it is to be sad.”

And she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born.”

For the uninitiated, Wax Mekanix is a Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He does vocals, drums and guitars on this single, as far as I know. He was also a founding member of Nitro in the 1980’s. As for the single, it’s a fun trip back to the 1960s with a modern twist. A person who prefers the sunny side, toast falling butter side up, this individual’s music exudes positivity and a laid-back atmosphere at a time when such qualities are scarce in society. I had to dip into the album after hearing this, and it is an interesting blend. On the buffet, there is this great rocker, “Pillars of Creation,” that opened the album with a blast. I liked that one a lot!

So have a listen. The YouTube video I linked to here does a great job of showing the song as I imagined it. I will also give a nod to the third single from the album, the last release, “Look at You Now.” This is a piano-led ballad, delicate and moving more into Elton John territory. It was one of those that benefited from a second listen; the vocals are really good and connect to the emotion of the piece.

So check out Wax Mekanix if you like a bit of rock and psychedelia with your music on the trippy side; this one should be for you.

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By Stevie Ritson

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