We are fans here at the magazine of power duo When Rivers Meet, as aside from the fact they are really talented, they are also very hardworking and create a classy hard blues rock sound that is consistently developing songwriting sparkle and maturity.

There was a feature we did having spoken to Aaron and Grace in December, back at the time of their Christmas single release (link here), and they were a great interview, full of heart and enthusiasm for what they do.

“Perfect Stranger” is the second single taken from the band’s forthcoming third studio album, “Aces Are High,” which is to be released late summer 2023. The new single, released Friday, April 28th, is available on all platforms for download, and we provide a link to it here.

What are we getting this time? Well, I loved the video that I have linked below. The fusion of black and white and colour really works, as does the whole abandoned warehouse look. It is an anthem-like song, one that would shake a stadium, and should go down a storm on their May tour. It moves to this tub-thumping sound and then a scarf-waving sway akin to Queen’s “Friends will be Friends.” It is ticking all the boxes: commercial, big sound, and crisp vocals that hammer the nail. Boom!

Grace said about this one,

“We wanted to write a song about our relationship and how we first met. Our relationship is intense and creative. We wanted to write a song that reflected that tension throughout.”

Picture by Rob Blackham

Aaron and Grace also speak about the upcoming album “Aces High,” with a few teasers about what we can all expect:

“”As our music is progressing, we’re finding our sound even more. When we went into the studio this time, we’d never been so sure of what we wanted to create—we had a really clear vision and have stuck to it. Before, we held back on being too rocky, but this time we allowed ourselves to create what we wanted to hear without restricting ourselves.”


“We also allowed ourselves to express the different colours of our music with tracks like ‘Golden’ and ‘By Your Side’, so this album has more extremes. We still call upon our influences from all the years but remain true to ourselves to create music we love.”

Watch this space and catch these guys out on tour with Arielle; it should be one of the shows of the year.

By Stevie Ritson

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