Wily Bo Walker is one of the power houses in the UK blues scene. With a number of accomplished and succesful albums behind him, 2023 is to see the release of a new album “Letters from the Blue Moon Motel” in collaboration with E. D. Brayshaw. Pre-album there are three singles that give a taste of the music to come. This reviewer has the 2015 CD of “Moon Over Indigo” and I remember it fondly! It has this amazing art work, deep dark narratives and a lovely booklet. So if the new album is anything like that then bring it on! I had to put the album cover for the 2015 release below as it reminded me of how interesting this artist is! I’d also suggest you look at the art work for “When angels call your Time” – another great one.

Live With Me-  A very simple piano melody introduced this solid sounding “traditional blues” track, but it then switches with this big guitar riff to deliver a BIG sound. Wily Bo occupies the sound, he lives within it. The distinctive growling vocals show the pain in the lyrics. The guitars play out the track with some searing instrumentals. It was released on April 28th, and the link to download it is here. Blues rock guitar is ingrained in the sound, and it certainly set me up to want to get on and hear more.

Which was very fortunate, as I had two more tracks sent along.

On May 19, we witnessed the release of “Montgomery,” a seven minute track with Wily Bo Walker and E. D. Brayshaw. It’s a lyrical lament, when the world crashes down and you lack even a pound in your pocket. The guitar solo mirrors the sentiments well, and the hooks hold you there; a musical fusion. It is fine to listen to music, and I would love to listen to both of these tracks live. The download link for that one is here.


I will also post that a third single, “Men Without Shadows,” is due on June 9, and it returns to this tender piano introduction. I won’t say too much about this one, as it is not out yet. But it is a superbly constructed wistful instrumental invoking those late nights spent contemplating the wheels going round. Evocative and mournful blues guitar. 

So if you are a blues fan, these are definately worth getting excited about, I would say the new album should continue in the vein of adventurous fusion blues in 2023.

The artists website is here

By Stevie Ritson

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