Yee Haw!” I felt the need for some country, and into my email box it fell. Then I was shockingly late sending in my review, as this single was actually released at the start of June.

But better late than never (as I told my editors), And I will try to make it worth the wait. This is a really appealing traditional country number that would do terrific at a festival or on country radio. I’d say it would make solid Radio 2 listening here in the UK, as it has a wider commercial reach than the country market alone. 

It’s a reflective piece of past school days and the lessons we learn in life. It’s a song of memories, with a country groove shown in the drums and rhythm section. I was sitting in the garden with headphones on during a humid evening, but the music lifted me up and made me sway. It is one of those songs that puts a smile on my face and easily links to memories we all share. Any of us with children can connect to those desires to teach our children from the mistakes we make.

It’s quite short, but there is a great guitar break halfway through, and it has an unapologetic love of the whole country scene. 

I will link the download here, if you love a bit of commercial country, then download it. You’ll enjoy it!

I will give a bit of background for any reader not too familiar with Andrew’s work. So, he’s an accomplished British country music singer/songwriter and has been a part of the UK scene for well over a decade, having first fronted rock crossover act Journey Home before performing across Britain’s top country festivals, including the pop-up stages at the O2 Arena for Country2Country and many times for the BBC Introducing Oxford’s Live Events Stages.

Now, Jones is ready to further make his mark on the genre with the release of ‘My Old Street’ and to reminisce on the lessons he’s learned since living in his hometown and the eventual paths his son may tread.  

Country music is synonymous with being truthful, and ‘My Old Street’ allows Andrew Jones the opportunity to deliver a song that struck a chord with this reviewer. We all have that place that will remain home no matter how far we travel, and this track pays homage to that. 

You can further follow Andrew Jones on his website, 

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By Lorraine Foley

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