Cash and Carter are a duo that we have been covering recently here at Rock the Joint. Following the recent singles, ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’ and ‘All Of The Way’ the duo offer their version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” Gone are the keyboards and the pop edge in the original and instead we have a cowboy stand off in a lonely saloon bar somewhere in the American South. In their hands “Just Like Heaven” becomes an eerie pensive ballad which slowly builds with lead singer Shaun’s atmospheric vocal delivery, Ross’s skilful guitar and some powerful percussion taking the original into a much darker realm. 

We both love The Cure and wanted to cover one of their tracks, and spent far too long listening through their back catalogue procrastinating, before finally settling on Just Like Heaven,” says the duo. “When you think The Cure you don’t think Americana/Country so we had a real task on our hands putting our own spin on this amazing song. We wanted to reimagine it, infusing the song with a hauntingly melancholic ambiance and brooding, mysterious undertones.” 

They manage to provide a fresh perspective on a beloved classic, revealing hidden depths within the lyrics and melody to make the song their own. The Cure are one of those iconic bands, most active in the eighties and early nineties (“Friday I’m in Love” being my favourite of theirs). This version is far more menacing and at the 2.30 minute mark Cash and Carter switch to this chant style delivery backed by a menacing rhythm that switches the death knell to the song.


The track works through those vocals that are drawn from pain and the music of the dust and dirt. It’s good, very good! Stream it and have a listen yourself, you’re in for a trat if you like dirty guitar and hard edged country.

It’s out October 2oth.

Cash & Carter is the side project of two incredibly talented songwriters in their own right – Birmingham artist Shaun Smith (aka Stealth) and successful London singer, writer and producer Ross O’Reilly, who together possess an impressive collective stream count of over 100 million – a testament to their individual artistry and their ability to captivate audiences worldwide. Coming together to create Cash & Carter, they have forged a partnership that brings their individual strengths and influences into one harmonious blend. 

They have a debut EP out in January.

Artist spotify link is here

By Stevie Ritson

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