Here is a name that we feel you will be hearing a whole lot more from, as she is an artist climbing fast up the pole to stardom. Brought up in Australia (but currently based in LA), Danni began songwriting and learning the guitar when she was only eight years old. Her grandfather’s love of American country music served as inspiration for her music, and she has since become well-known, appearing even on ABC News in the US. Furthermore, she has been working with producer Jeffrey Panzer, who has a line of credits built to impress after 45+ years in the business.

After her live debut album “Live at Big Bear” was released to acclaim in 2023 (an album full of original songs by Danni), there was great anticipation for this new release. I have to give a quick shout for a track called “Conspiracy Theory” from that album. I really liked the guitar sound on that, and the vocals tell this story, “My lips are looking good on you!” It is a song with these little touches of light and shade, a camera view of a walk. I like it a lot.

“The Timing Was On” is a slick piece of melodic country, a little less rocky than some of the tracks on her live album (I’m thinking “Say So”). This is available now as it was released in February, so I am a bit late reviewing it. Never mind! It is a narrative glance at that moment of timing where the timing is just right for meeting that person. As The Beatles once sang, ‘Do You Believe in a Love at First Sight? Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.” But I digress. Take that timing and give it a twist, and you walk the other way and miss that special person! I love the accompanying video with Danni on the screen and life passing by. How life can change. I remember so well meeting one special person the first time and writing their name on my hand secretly that moment, as I knew, just knew! So there we are; it’s a little piece of Danni and a song I could connect to, beautifully written.

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Artist website

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By Lorraine Foley

Track Info:



Label: Danniland Records

Executive Producers: Danni Stefanetti/Jeffrey Panzer

Distribution: TuneCore


Run Time: 4 minutes, 11 seconds

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